PARALLEL SESSION 5 A: Innovation in Cleaner Production 
Prakash MATHUR
Director Operations, India and Morocco > NAQ Global Companies

Fernanda DIAS (Co-author)
Director Operations, South America > NAQ Global Companies

Mr. Prakash Mathur is working in the field of Fertilizer Quality Improvement for almost 18 years now. He has hands on experience of understanding & solving various quality issues of fertilizers being manufactured in different parts of the world. Working with team of experts, he has helped fertilizer plants to solve various fertilizer quality issues faced by them using Green Technology products being developed and manufactured by NAQ GLOBAL. Mr. Mathur is presently working as Director Operations for Indian & Moroccan Operations of NAQ GLOBAL.

Ms. Fernanda Dias is a Chemist by profession and working in the field of Fertilizer Quality Improvement for the last 8 years. During these years she has devoted lot of time in research and development of new generation products based on Green Technology. She has been instrumental in lot of lab and field studies for continuous development of these Green Technology based products for various applications in different countries and its fertilizers. Ms. Dias is presently working as Director Operations for NAQ GLOBAL’s South American Operations.

Katja HORA
Research Manager > SQM Europe N.V.

Katja Hora joined SQM Europe N.V. in Antwerp, Belgium,  in 2014, as Research Manager in Specialty Plant Nutrition. Her experience is in research and development, on a diversity of subjects relating to Agronomy and Sustainable Agriculture. She graduated as a Plant Breeder from the Wageningen University in 1995, and obtained PhD in Evolutionary biology at the University of Amsterdam.

QE Manager > Yara Belle Plaine Inc.

Studied Biotechnologies and Environmental Technologies in Austria. Environmental Engineer with over 9 years of experience in the fertilizer industry as an Environmental Specialist and as Quality and Environmental Manager. Certified ISO 14001 Environmental Manager and certified ISO 9001 Lead Auditor.