PARALLEL SESSION 4 B: Innovation in Production Efficiency 
Ammonia Superintendent > GPIC

Eyad Rafei, Graduated from University of Bahrain as a Chemical Engineer in 1998, since then he is working for GPIC in Operation Department. Eyad joined GPIC as a graduate engineer in Ammonia Plant and was promoted to key positions in the organization, from Ammonia Plant Supervisor to Senior Shift Supervisor and he was appointed as Ammonia Plant Superintendent in 2008. He actively initiated and successfully executed many critical modifications to enhance reliability and efficiency of ammonia plant like Improvements to address chronic PG cooler fouling problem , Convertor basket replacement and Reformer “Pigtails” replacement.

Syed Anwarul HAQUE

Dr. Syed Anwarul Haque is a retired Professor of Soil Science of Bangladesh Agricultural University. Currently he works as a Free Lance Consultant and also as a Part-time Professor of Environmental Sciences in a Private University, State University of Bangladesh in Dhaka. He did his Ph.D from Moscow State University, Russia in Agricultural Chemistry in the year 1973. In his Post-doc studies in Ottawa, (Canada) 1979, Aberdeen (UK) 1994 and Braunschweg (Germany) 1995, he worked on Soil Mineralogy, Chemistry of Phosphate and Sulphur in rice soils and Plant Nutrition & Salinity affecting maize crop respectively. Dr. Haque did most of his research works, while he was a teacher at Bangladesh Agricultural University from 1966 – 2008. His research works mostly include studies on soil fertility and fertilizers and nutrition of agricultural crops such as rice, potato, wheat, maize, pulses and oil crops. His research findings were published in International Journals. Dr. Haque travelled extensively and participated in International Workshops, Seminars, Symposiums and Conferences.

Dr. Haque worked as a Consultant with IFDC, FAO, BESTS (Bangladesh Engineering & Technological Services) and BCAS (Bangladesh Center for Advanced Studies). He also served with the Ministry of Primary Industries in Fiji from 1982-1984) as Head of Agricultural Chemistry Division.

Dr. Haque’s research studies mostly relate to fertilizer application such Localized application (NPK) on potato, Urea Super Granule in rice and potato, Multi-nutrient super granules in rice, Rock phosphate in cereals and pulses and recently Controlled release of Urea-N using Nimin-coated Urea on cereals, pulses and oil crops.  Most recently, he has been working on Impact of Climate Change on Adaptation and Mitigation of Greenhouse Gas Emission in Agriculture.