OPENING SESSION with Focus on Climate Change and Innovation
Rakesh KAPUR
> IFA Vice President & Chairman of the Finance Committee, and Joint Managing Director of Indian Farmers Fertiliser Co-operative Limited (IFFCO), India

Mr. Rakesh Kapur holds the position of Joint Managing Director & Chief Financial Officer in IFFCO. Mr Kapur is also responsible for the Finance Division of IFFCO. He is a Director on the Board of IFFCO's subsidiaries. He is also vested with the responsibility of Managing Director of IFFCO's subsidiaries like IFFCO Kisan Special Economic Zone (IKSEZ), Nellore and IFFCO Kisan Sanchar Limited (IKSL).

Mr. Kapur joined IFFCO on 5th October 2000 as Executive Director (Finance) and took over the charge of Finance Director with effect from November 7, 2001. He has been responsible for planning, managing and monitoring all finance and accounts related functions of IFFCO. He has also been extensively involved with all the new Projects, Acquisitions, Joint Ventures and Diversification initiatives of IFFCO from their stage of inception.

Mr. Rakesh Kapur is an ex-IRS Officer of 1978 Batch, who was holding the rank of Commissioner of Income Tax in his parent cadre before he was absorbed in IFFCO in October 2005. He was awarded the “Best Probationer’s Silver Medal” in the IRS Batch by the National Academy of Direct Taxes, Nagpur.

He has wide experience in Finance, Management, Business Strategising, Accounts and Taxation. He held various senior assignments in the Government of India, which included Joint Secretary (Commercial), Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI); Director in the Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers, Department of Fertilizers; Additional Assessor & Collector, Municipal Corporation of Delhi apart from the postings in the Income Tax Department as Additional Commissioner of Income Tax, Deputy / Jt. Commissioner of Income Tax since 1978. He had also worked in Technical Services Department of the Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (Marketing Division) during 1975-78.

Mr. Kapur was born on September 26, 1954. He holds B.Tech. Degree in Mechanical Engineering (in First Class with Distinction) from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), New Delhi and a Post Graduation in Management. He has travelled widely and participated in various national and international Seminars and Conferences, and presented papers on different subjects.

Abdulrahman JAWAHERY
> IFA President and President of Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC), Bahrain

Mr. Jawahery is the IFA Vice-President for Sustainable Development and serves as the President of Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (B.S.C.).

Mr. Jawahery serves as a Director of National Safety Council and Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA).

He served as General Manager of Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (B.S.C.).

Among his other associations, Mr. Jawahery is a second-term member of the Parliament in the Kingdom of Bahrain, a board member of the National Oil & Gas Authority and founding member of the Bahrain Society for Transfer of Technology.

Mr. Jawahery is a chartered chemical engineer with BSc and MSc degrees in chemical engineering from the United Kingdom.

> Managing Director of IFFCO, India

The Chief Executive Officer of IFFCO, designated as Managing Director, is vested with the overall responsibility of the affairs of IFFCO's day to day activities. Dr. Udai Shanker Awasthi is Managing Director of IFFCO since 1993.

Dr. Awasthi is an internationally renowned chemical engineer and has about four decades of experience which is completely dedicated to the fertiliser industry. Dr. Awasthi enjoys the unique distinction of serving private, public and cooperative sectors of the industry in India. He is acclaimed as a manager par excellence in India, particularly, in the area of project management. He has played crucial role in setting up a number of Ammonia-Urea, SSP and NPK/DAP projects in the country.

Ever since taking over as the Managing Director of IFFCO in February 1993, Dr. Awasthi has instilled new dynamism into IFFCO. He was the architect of "VISION 2000", a strategic road map for IFFCO, to make it a global leader in fertiliser production. The organisation has made rapid strides on all fronts under the aegis of this plan. New records and milestones were created in projects, production, energy conservation, environmental protection and sales. Four major expansion projects were completed and new projects in India and abroad are initiated. With the completion of Kandla-II on Aug 5, 1999, all the major projects of Vision 2000 have been achieved. A testimony of Dr. Awasthi’s project management skills are evident from the fact that these projects were completed without time and cost overruns. A hallmark of Dr. Awasthi’s tenure at the helm of IFFCO are the high levels of growth & and excellent financial results which are unsurpassed in the history of IFFCO. He was also instrumental in diversification forays of IFFCO such as IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance Company Limited (ITGI), power project in Chattisgarh titled IFFCO Chattisgarh Power Limited (ICPL). Similar objectives have contributed towards joint venture agreement with Jordan Phosphates Mines Company (JPMC) for setting up Phosphoric acid plant in Jordan. This initiative facilitate in steady supply of phosphoric acid to IFFCO's plants in India. His vision of extending the benefits of emerging technologies for the welfare of the farmers is evident from IFFCO's forays into National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Limited (NCDEX). Dr Awasthi’s modernisation plans of IFFCO include aggressive penetration of Information Technology at all levels of the organisation. In order to meet the challenge of communication requirements of villages of India and to provide them with most appropriate information to equip them to take right decisions, a unique joint venture "IFFCO Kisan Sanchar Limited (IKSL) was launched. Dr Awasthi is the inspiration and leading force in all these unique ventures of IFFCO.

Dr. Awasthi's deep rooted concern for Indian agriculture is evident from some of the special agriculture projects he has visualised in the areas of drip irrigation, bio-pesticides, bio-fertilisers, use of plastic in agriculture, agricultural mechanisation, farm forestry etc. He has also galvanised the farmers’ education programmes to make them more effective. Every year, a large number of farmers from all over India benefit from the agricultural extension activities of IFFCO. He initiated IFFCO's ICT Initiatives for farmers and cooperatives to extend the benefits of computers and communications to rural India. He takes keen interest in evolving appropriate content for farmers & cooperatives as well as effective delivery mechanism through a well conceived farmers kiosk network. He is an enthusiastic and active cooperator and takes keen interest in the growth of cooperative movement in India. He was also instrumental in promoting "IFFCO Foundation" to strengthen cooperative movement in the country.Dr. Awasthi has held several positions in various bodies. He was elected president of International Fertiliser Industry Association (IFA), during 1997-99, which is an organisation of 457 member companies from 80 countries. He was the first Asian to occupy the coveted position of IFA. He was the Chairman of Fertiliser Association of India (FAI) during 1994-96.

Climate Change Roundtable (Macro-View)
Head of the Energy Demand Technology Unit > International Energy Agency (IAE)

Eric Masanet is Head of the Energy Demand Technology Unit at the International Energy Agency, where he oversees technology analyses for the global industrial, transport, and buildings sectors. He has 15 years of experience analyzing industrial energy technology trends and policies, most recently as an Associate Professor at Northwestern University (USA), and, before that, as a Staff Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (USA).   He is former Editor-in-Chief of the peer-reviewed journal Resources, Conservation, and Recycling (Elsevier), and has authored over 120 scientific articles and reports.  He holds a PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.


Executive Director > UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network

Guido Schmidt-Traub is Executive Director of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network. He has served as climate change advisor to the Africa Progress Panel secretariat and was CEO of Paris-based CDC Climat Asset Management, an investment company regulated by the French financial markets regulator. From 2008-2010 Guido was Director and Partner at South Pole Carbon Asset Management in Zurich, a leading developer of greenhouse gas emission projects. Prior to managing the MDG Support Team at UNDP (2006-2008) he served as Policy Advisor and then as Associate Director of the UN Millennium Project in New York, which was tasked with developing a concrete action plan for the world to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. Earlier Guido was Partner at IndexIT Scandinavia, a private equity fund for early-stage technology companies, and consultant at McKinsey & Company in Germany. Guido holds an M.Phil. in Economics from Oxford University (Rhodes Scholar) and a Masters in physical chemistry from the Free University Berlin. He resides in Paris with his family.

President, Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company, Bahrain